1998 Explorer Officer 3rd Annual Ski Trip
January 17 - 18 1998
Peek-n-Peak, New York

** Not included: Lunch & Dinner on Saturday or Sunday) **

Deadline for registration is January 2, 1998

Space is limited so register early
Ski Lessons will be on each person's own and at an extra cost.
For registratoin forms or more information, contact: Jenny Horn at BSA Phone: 614.436.7200x230

What to Pack

Someone always asks what to pack for the trip. There are several principles to keep in mind when you're standing in your bedroom with an empty bag and a full closet and dresser in front of you.

In the car or buss: Jeans or fomfortable slacks; skirt or turtleneck and/or sweater; ski jackets, boots or shoes (depending on the weather), pillow or small blanket (if it's a long trip).

On the slopes: Bibs or whatever ski pants you have to wear (no jeans or sweatpants, please! - they aren't water repellent). Long underware, turtlenecks, sweaters, ski jacket, ski gloves, hat, goggles, or sun glasses; wool socks and ski boots. Just remember, dress warm and layer, layer, layer!

Apres Ski: Jeans or other pants' shirt, turleneck and/or sweater; sholes/sneakers (those worn on the bus if possible); swimsuite and cover-up (if ther's a pool or sauna).

Please remember you'll need to pack your own toiletries and personal items, such as blow dryers, curling irons, underwear and sleepwear.

Please do not bring boom boxes, lap tops, weapons, alcohol or any illegal substances. Remember, less is better.

Also, any valuables brought, are at your own risk.

How much chas to bring: You can spend a lot or a little. At a minimum you need money to cover dinner on the bus trip both ways (usually McDonalds or Wendys etc.) and lunch at the slopes. In addition, you need money for extra momentos such as pins or T-shirts.

* Pizza and soda will be provided at the Days Inn on Saturday night at about 10:30 - 11:00p.m.

* Two to a hotel room.

Everyone under 21 must have their parent's sign a Permission Slip

Registration Form

If you don't want to miss out, registration by January 2nd. Only the first 200 registrants will be accepted.

Post#:		Contact Name:			Phone#




Lift Ticket/Bust/Hotel @ $115.00 [ ]
Ski Rental             @  $30.00 [ ]
Total Amount Paid      $____________

Make your checks payable to the Simon Kenton Coucnil,
1901 E. Dublin-Graniville Rd.
Columbus, Ohio 43229

For more information call the Exploring Division at 436-7200
(fax) 436-7917

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