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The purpose of this league is to promote good fellowship among the churches and to provide some wholesome fun and recreation for the men and women of the church. All rules will be made by the captains and league officials at the annual captains' meeting.

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1. The league officials shall be: President, Vice-President and Secretary/Treasurer. The Vice-President will automatically succeed the President the following year. Each team will submit one nominee from their own team to run in the election of Vice-President at the annual dartball banquet. This nominee shall be submitted with the final statistics to the Secretary/Treasurer. The Secretary/Treasurer will be elected to a three-year term and shall be selected by a committee made up of team captains.

2. No one under the age of 21 shall be allowed to serve as an official of the league.

3. The Secretary/Treasurer shall receive $12.50 per team for his or her salary.

4. Fees in the amount of $155.00 will be charged per team per season. This money will be used to pay the expenses of the league and to provide a banquet free of charge to qualifying players. Players must have played in at least half of the scheduled games during the regular season to qualify for the free banquet. There will be a charge for guests wishing to attend and for players who have not met the required game limit. A qualifying player may not transfer or give away his or her "free" banquet to another person.

5. The banquet guest list and money for guests must be turned in to the Secretary[Treasurer by the last game night of the regular season. This is the responsibility of the team captains.

6. The season will be divided into two halves with each team playing each of the other teams once each half.

1. The game room at the church is to be open by 7:00 p.m. each game night to allow time for practice. Visiting team will be allowed to practice alone from 7:15 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. The first game of the night is to begin at 7:30 p.m. and will be forfeited at 7:35 p.m. if a team is not ready to play. All three games of the night will be forfeited at 7:45 p.m. if a team is not ready to play by that time.

2. Revival or other important church-wide related business shall be the only cause for postponing any games. If at any time a team needs to postpone its games, it will be the duty of its captain to contact the captain of the opponent and arrange another date for those games. If postponement of games can be foreseen, the games may be played before their scheduled date by arrangement between the captains. No postponement can be made on the night of the games. Postponed games must be played within a two-week period after the postponement or cause of postponement is past. Otherwise, the league Secretary/Treasurer will set a date for the games to be played and the date will be binding on both teams. Notification will be made one week in advance.

1. All dart boards are to be Apex boards and mounted so that the center of the board is 42" from the floor and perpendicular to it. There will be a hole drilled in the outside frame of the board at each base to hold a dart when a hit is made. This is to keep the base area empty so that subsequent darts thrown will not be interfered with. Lights are also required to light up the board area.

2. All darts are to be Apex expert darts. Darts are to be thrown underhanded. Darts will be purchased by the league Secretary/Treasurer and paid for as a league operating expense. Two dozen darts will be issued to each team for each half and these are to be used for the games for that half only. Game darts shall not be used for practice.

3. The lighting system will be a shaded spotlight of at least 150-watt power and may be placed on the floor or the ceiling and aimed directly at the center of the board.

4. A foul line shall be a 1 - 1/8" x 1 - 1/8" square stick, seven feet long and placed on the floor 20 feet from the dart board. Any player touching this stick or stepping over it while in the act of throwing a dart will be called out. No mats are to be used in the batting area.

5. When keeping score, mark in the upper left corner indicating what the batter does: hit, walk, error, home run, etc.

In the center block, indicate what happens, whether the batter scores a run.

Was left on base or made an out.

The lower right-hand corner will indicate the number of RBI's.

6. The home team will furnish the scorekeeper for the games. The visiting team will furnish an assistant for the scorekeeper. It will be their duty to keep the game running smoothly and to keep players on each team batting in proper order.

1. There will no longer be an age limit on team members.

2. Each team can play each night with only six players but not less than six. When a team plays with only six players, the vacant positions will be labeled as a "BOZO." A "BOZO" will be an automatic out when it is his time to bat. When a player arrives, he may be entered into the game in the position of one of the "BOZOs."

3. A player will be allowed to change teams only once during the season, providing the player has made the initial contact with the new team. There will be no recruiting of players from another team by a team within this league.

4. Each night, three games of nine innings will be played with a short rest period between games. Games ending in a tie will go into extra innings until the tie is broken.

5. The captain of each team will appoint a dart board and foul line umpire before each game. While a player is at bat, the board umpire is to stay behind a line drawn on the floor, two feet back from the board on both the first and third base lines. Any foul called by the foul umpire must be accepted. Players are to sit at least three feet back from the throwing line to give the batter plenty of throwing room. THERE WILL BE NO WAVING OF HANDS AT ANY TIME. All players, except the player at bat and the next two players in the lineup, must be seated. The scorekeeper and his assistant are the only contestants to be behind the batter. No other activity will be going on in the same room while playing the games.

6. Darts hitting anywhere outside the playing field are called outs. The playing field is inside the 2" green border of the dart board. If a dart sticks into another dart, it will be called a dead dart and removed from the playing area. Darts hitting inside the playing area but not sticking in the board shall be called a dead dart and removed before the next dart is thrown.

7. A SACRIFICE hit (S), with only one out or less, will advance ALL runners and is not counted as a time at bat. A SACRIFICE hit with no runners on base or with two outs will be called a dead dart and removed from the board and another dart will be thrown. A dart hitting the DOUBLE-PLAY (DP) area with no outs or with one out and runners on base will result in the runner nearest home as well as the batter being called out. A dart hitting the (DP) area with two outs and no one on base will be called a dead dart and removed from the board. Another dart will then be thrown in its place. An ERROR (E) gives the batter first base but any other runners are not advanced unless forced. An (E) is considered a time at bat.

8. Runners advance one base if the batter hits a single, two bases if the batter hits a double and three bases if the batter hits a triple. A home run clears the bases.

9. If a player does not bat when it is his or her time to do so and this is discovered before the inning is over, he or she will be called out and lose his or her time at bat. If any runs are scored after there should have been three outs, they will not be counted. All plays made between the discovery and prior to the third out will stand. The lead-off batter for the next inning will be the one immediately following the batter credited with making the last out in the inning in question.

10. Any player entering the game as a pinch hitter will be allowed to throw five practice darts if he or she so desires, providing he or she had not practiced, declined the opportunity to practice during the pregame practice period or played in any game that night. There will be no practicing between games. NO ONE EXCEPT PLAYERS WILL BE ALLOWED TO THROW DARTS.

11. There will be no smoking in the game room on dartball night. No one will be allowed to practice or play if alcohol is detected on his or her breath.

12. The team captains are responsible for the enforcement of these rules.

1. Trophies will be awarded to the teams that finish first, second, third and fourth places after all ties are eliminated through play-off games.

2. Winners of each half season will have a play off at the end of the regular season to determine the champion and the runner up. In this play off, the winner of the best four out of seven games will be the league champions. This play off will begin the first Monday night after league play has been completed. The first three games will be held at the church that won the first half and the balance of the games will be held at the church that won the second half on the following Monday night unless other arrangements are agreed to by the respective captains, teams and league Secretary/Treasurer. The home team of the first game will be determined by the toss of a coin. The teams will then alternate as home team until the series is over.

3. If the same team wins both halves of the season, they will automatically be the league champions and there will be a play off for second, third and fourth places. Rules for these games will be the same as for the championship play offs.

4. In the case that two or more teams tie for any of the first four positions in either half, a best-of-three game series will be played to determine the winners of those places. These games will be played on play-off night or the league Secretary/Treasurer will set the dates that will be binding to both teams. Season series will determine the location of play offs. If three or more teams are tied and can't be broken by season series, best record with top four teams will decide, or top five teams, six teams....

5. Individual trophies will be awarded to the players with the highest batting average, the most RBIs, the most runs, the most singles, the most doubles, the most triples and the most home runs. These winners must play in at least 60 percent of the regularly scheduled games. Games won by forfeit will count as games played. No individual will be awarded more than one trophy.

6. Each team captain or designated statistician will be responsible for keeping individual players' statistics for his or her team, times at bat, hits (singles, doubles, triples and home runs), runs scored, runs batted in and averages. These statistics are to be summarized and turned in to the league Secretary/Treasurer within 10 days of the last scheduled night of regular season play. Players will not be eligible for individual trophies if the league Secretary/Treasurer has not received that team's year-end statistical summary within that 1 O-day period.

7. A jamboree play-off series will be played after the regular season and playoff games are completed. Jamboree games will be played on consecutive nights (Monday and Tuesday). Captains will be notified in advance of jamboree play-off dates, time and location. Each participating team is to provide one dozen playing darts, a dessert and a $5.00 entry fee.

8. Three all-star games between the regular season champions and a team consisting of two players from each of the other teams will be played on the Monday night following the jamboree. The regular season champions will serve as home team.

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