Camping Personal Check List


The items listed below will be necessary to insure your son's health and comfort while participating in the activities planned for a weekend trip. It is also recommended that he bring a game, book, or other item to help occupy his time during rest periods.

Please, NO radios or other sound emitting devices that do not have earphones; knives with blades longer than three (3) inches or requiring sheaths, Aerosol sprays, or anything that has a high monetary or sentimental value. We have discovered that things have ways of being misplaced or broken on campouts!

All food and drink that your camper will need for the weekend will be provided for a nominal fee decided upon by him and the other members of his patrol. However, he should consider bringing snacks to replenish his energy between meals. ALL clothing items that your son takes should be permanently marked with his name. We frequently end up with a pile of dirty clothing after the campout with no one willing to claim anything in it.

The following equipment, clothing, and personal items are recommended. However, if your son does not have a specific item, a substitution should be made to provide similar functionality.

Many people have asked what some of the items on the page are.
Therefore, we have made links so you can see what we are talking about.
Where possible, we have given the BSA Catalog Numbers so you can look them for yourself.

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[ ]Pack
[ ]Poncho*
[ ]Sleeping Bag
[ ]Air Mattres
[ ]8'x10' Ground Cloth
[ ]Flashlight with extra batteries
[ ]Personal First Aid Kit
[ ]Pocket knife
[ ]Pencil and Paper
[ ]Boots or waterproof footwear*
[ ]Mosquito repellent
[ ]Scout/Ranger Handbook
[ ]Canteen
[ ]Sewing kit
[ ]Eating Kit
--[ ]Spoon
--[ ]Fork
--[ ]Knife
--[ ]Plate
--[ ]Bowl
--[ ]Cub
--[ ]Waterproof Matches
[ ]Underwear (2 pair)
[ ]Socks (3 pair)
[ ]Long Underwear (not cotton)
[ ]Sweater
[ ]Extra Pants (2 pair)
[ ]Heavy Jacket*
[ ]Hat*
[ ]Gloves (2 pair)*
[ ]Long Sleeve Shirt (2)
[ ]Extra pair of shoes

Personal Hygiene
[ ]Toilet paper in
[ ]zip-lock bag
[ ]2 large trash bags
[ ]Soap in container
[ ]Tooth brush
[ ]Toothpaste
[ ]Wash Cloth
[ ]Hand Towel
[ ]Comb or Brush
[ ]Handkershief(s)

[ ]Down Vest
[ ]Wool Scarf
[ ]Watch
[ ]Munchies
[ ]Camera & Film
[ ]Binoculars
[ ]Bible
[ ]More Munchies

*NOTE: All Scouts must have on a hat, mittens, coat and Waterproof footwear to participate in cold weather outdoor activities.

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