Requesting Letters for Eagle Scouts!


Senator NAME

Senator NAME:

I have been give the honor of presenting Mr. SCOUT's-F&LNAME, a student of HIGH-SCHOOL, with his Eagle Scout Award. The Eagle Scout Award is the highest rank that a young man can earn within The Boy Scouts of America.

Mr. SCOUT'S-LNAME's steady, persistent progress through the ranks to achieve this prestigious award demonstrates his determination to prepare himself for a meaningful, productive role in society. His exemplary performance in Scouting will serve as a beacon to those Scouts who follow him.

Senator NAME, I would appreciate it if you would be so kind as to write a letter of congratulations for Mr. SCOUT'S-LNAME for obtaining the Rank of Eagle. It is our wish to present this letter to Mr. SCOUT's-LNAME at his Eagle Court of Honor DATE-OF-COURT-OF-HONOR.

Thank you,

Assistant Scout Master
Troop 369

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