Your Letter to an Eagle Scout!


Boy Scouts of America


An Eagle Scout is known and respected the world over for unfailing adherence to the principles of trustworthiness, leadership, and initiative. By his leadership, civic commitment, and patriotism, he demonstrates that he truly knows the meaning of citizenship.

The Boy Scouts of America foster ideals that allow youth to expand themselves, and realize future opportunities. Your commitment and impact on the youth of Scouting can not be over stated, for they are far better off as future citizens of America because of your splendid efforts.

Your steady, persistent progress through the ranks to achieve this prestigious award demonstrates your determination to prepare yourself for a meaningful, productive role in society. Your exemplary performance in scouting will serve as a beacon to those Scouts who follow you.

Thus, it is with much pride and satisfaction that I congratulate you on your dedication, hard work and perseverance for the honor of your recent achievement, and I salute you as one of Scouting's finest young citizens.

Again Congratulations,

Assistant Scoutmaster

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