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    Values and Ethics Resources

    Here is a listing of resources and references that discuss BSA values and ethics.

    1995 Harris Poll on the Effect of Scouting:

    Below are resources for instilling values in young people. More info can be found at:

    The Values of Men and Boys in America...A Call to Action for Parents - A pamphlet to give to current and prospective Scouting parents. B.S.A. No. 2-121.

    Ages and Stages videocassette -- explains the changes that take place is boys grow, the typical patterns of physical, mental, social, and moral growth during childhood and adolescence. Helps you to understand age-appropriate behavior and developmentally appropriate activities.

    Guide to Safe Scouting: A Unit Leaders Guide for Current Policies and Procedures to Safe Activities -- When planning any Scouting activity, safety is a primary concern. B.S.A. No. 10-212.

    Ethics in Action for Cub Scouts -- Contains 14 activity modules each with a theme targeted for Cub Scout age boys. B.S.A. No. 33015.

    Ethics in Action modules may be found in the Cub Scout Leader How-to Book, No. 33831, also.

    Ethics in Action videocassette -- explains the Cub Scout ethics program and how to guide a reflection.

    BSA Family Book -- an easy to follow guide to developing "family talks" on such matters as becoming responsible, learning to trust, communicating, and developing belief in self, family, God, and country. B.S.A. No. 33012

    Learning for Life/Exploring -- a BSA subsidiary providing school systems with action-learning lesson plans to enhance and supplement core curricula. The kindergarten through sixth grade lesson plans include moral and character development themes.

    Youth's Frontier -- Making Ethical Decisions - A Manual for Parents and Youth Leaders -- A Guide to Help Youth Meet Today's Challenges . B.S.A. No. 33620.

    On My Honor videocassette with President Ford - view and share information with your Scouts.

    Ethical Controversies, B.S.A. No. 23-823, combines with the Explorer Leaders Handbook, to provide the outline for Ethics in Action in Exploring.

    Moments in Common, AV-03V005, is a twenty four minute film for post Advisors and other adults involved in Exploring. It shows how caring adults can make a difference in the lives of young people. The training outline that comes with the video structures a one and a half hour workshop for adult leaders.

    For the full text of the DELTA Handbook (Developing Ethical Leaders Through Action) ... this is a wonderful sourcebook ...

    "Scouting is a Game with a Purpose" -- a series of pages on Scouting's approach to developing ethical leaders. The pages include material on the Reflection process used in most of today's Scout leader training and a Listing of useful resources outside of Scouting literature.

    Maintaining BSA Standards The Scout Oath and Law are not up for negotiation. Our values are not for sale. Text of this article from Scouting magazine, September 1992. can be found at:

    A number of writings from the Pennington Group on values and ethics in leadership can be found at: (how the Scout Oath can be used to build ethical leaders and companies).

    On My Honor is a book about truthfulness and used in many classrooms. When his best friend drowns while they are swimming in a treacherous river that they had promised never to go near, Joel is devastated and terrified at having to tell both sets of parents the terrible consequences of their disobedience. "A powerful, soul-stirring novel told simply and well." A Newbery Honor Book; ALA Notable Children's Book.

    More resources can be found at:

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