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    Bill Nelson

    Bop Sticks

    Another game the scouts like a lot, which is not a game from the BSA, is "Bop Sticks." This game requires quite a bit of preparation, however.

    You will need:

    • 2 lengths of PVC pipe, 7' X 1"
    • Lots of foam padding
    • Even more duct tape
    • Two old tennis balls
    • Two football helmets (or other helmet with a face guard)

    Cut the tennis balls in half and tape each half securely to the ends of the PVC pipe. Wrap every square inch of the pipe in foam, and secure with tape. When finished, you should only be able to see tape. The balls and foam should be covered in tape.

    The scouts wear the helmets and attack each other with the stick they are wielding. A hit to a limb results in the loss of the limb. A hit to the neck results in decapitation - you're dead. Two hits to either the body, the head, or both result in death. Loss of a limb results in just that.

    Naturally, if both legs are gone, you can't run away, and if both arms are gone, you can't wield a stick. It's fun to watch the scouts hopping around on one leg in their big, bulky helmets while swinging a rather awkward "sword" with one hand. You can have tournaments. Kind of SCAish, but not really.

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