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    Bill Nelson

    Summer Olympics Games

    Here's a brief description of the games we'll be using in our Summer Olympics.


      Transport water from point A to point B holding water can above head. Water can has small nail holes in bottom edge resulting in a shower effect on the carrier. Team that has the most water average per den wins.


      Standard obstacle type course described in Ideas book, with the addition of slip N slide water slide, and Rope swing over small swimming pool. Best den average through course wins.


      Combined teamwork to remove coffee can from centre of circle using ropes tied to a small inner-tube. Boys cannot cross rope circle. Best time wins.


      Using a large slingshot made from surgical tubing and a inner tube cup, three boys will launch the water balloons toward the objective. The objective is three boys holding a small plastic swimming pool, who will try and catch the water balloons. The team with the most catches wins.

    4X4 RACES

      Using two 4x4"s (6 ft lengths) with robes tied every 12 inches, six boys standing on the 4x4 will attempt to lift and walk a short distance. Requires teamwork and co-operative effort. Fastest time wins.

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