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Venturing Crew 369

The Venturing Program
Starting a New Crew
The Venturing Oath
Venturing Clusters
Venturing Training
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Uniform Prices
Venturing Power Point
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Silver Award
Gold Award
Bronze Award
Quest Award
Ranger Award
Sea Scout Award
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Unauthorized Activities
Venturing Flags
Venturing Uniforms & Awards
Venturing Literature
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Philmont Training
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Similarities between Exploring and Venturing.
Venturing Updates
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Similarities & Differences
Exploring and Venturing

The following chart displays the differences and similarities between the new Exploring and Venturing programs.

Unit Type Explorer Posts Venturing Crews
Sea Scouting Ships
Adult Leader Title Advisors Advisors
Membership Co-ed Co-ed
Dues $7.00 per year $7.00 per year
Members of Participants of Learning for Life Members of BSA
Orientation Career Oriented Scouting, Arts & Hobbies, Youth Ministries, Sports, Outdoors, and Sea Oriented
Sponsors Participating Organization Chartering Organization
Advancement May not work on Scouting Advancement. Boys that have earned their First Class Rank in Scouting may continue to work on their Eagle Scout Rank in Venturing

Young men and Women may work on their Venturing Ranks in the Venturing Program.

BSA National Facilities May NOT use BSA National Facilities May use BSA National Facilities
BSA Local Facilities It is up to the local Council, but it is recommend NOT to allow Explorers the use of Local Scouting Facilities May use Local Facilities
God/Religion God and Religion are NOT part of the program God and Religion are part of the program
Uniforms May NOT use the BSA uniforms May use the BSA uniforms

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