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Calendar of Events:
Explorer Officer's Association
Cluster Chairman
Thank you Nationwide Insurance
Canoe and Camping Outing
Exploring Training
Explorer Officer's Association
UNIX System Administration
Explorer Motto
Advisor Fall Kickoff
Explorer Fall Kickoff
Exploring Roundtable
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98/99 Exploring/Venturing Awards Banquet!

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Calendar of Events:

5/30/99 Exploring Canoe Trip Registration Due
5/12/99 Exploring Committee Meeting
5/14-16/99 Venturing Rappelling Clinic $75.00
5/15/99 Venturing Training Session $3.00
5/21-23/99 Canoe Clinic, Camp Lazarus, $18.00
5/20/99 Registration deadline Marksmanship Program
6/1/99 Exploring Round table, 7:00p.m. Main Library
6/4-6/99 Canoe Clinic, Camp Oyo, $30.00
6/5-6/99 Marksmanship Program
6/9/99 Exploring Committee Meeting
6/18-20/99 Exploring Canoe Trip
7/6/99 Exploring Round table, 7:00p.m. Main Library
7/14/99 Exploring Committee Meeting
8/3/99 Advisor Fall Kickoff, 7:00p.m. Main Library
8/11/99 Exploring Committee Meeting
8/27/99 Explorer Fall Kickoff, 5:00p.m. Camp Lazarus
8/28/99 Explorer Fall Kickoff, Noon Camp Lazarus
9/7/99 Exploring Round table, 7:00p.m. Main Library
9/8/99 Exploring Committee Meeting
9/10-12 Venturing Rappelling Clinic $75.00
9/19-25/99 Philmont Training Courses for Venturing
10/5/99 Exploring Round table, 7:00p.m. Main Library
10/13/99 Exploring Committee Meeting
11/2/99 Election Reporting
11/10/99 Exploring Committee Meeting
12/7/99 Exploring Round table, 7:00p.m. Main Library
12/8/99 Exploring Committee Meeting
12/18/99 Silver Beaver Applications are due
12/24/99 National Young American Applications due

Cluster Chairman

Exploring Committee

The Exploring Committee is looking for eight new members to serve as Cluster Chairman to represent the uniqueness of their units's specialty:

  • Fire/Emergency
  • Science Engineering & Computers
  • Law Enforcement
  • Health Careers

    There is one Adult and one Youth opening currently available for each of the above positions. The Adult volunteer would be a member of the Exploring Committee and attend the monthly meetings to represent the needs of their associated cluster. The youth Volunteer would report to the Adult volunteer and be an active, voting member of the Explorer Officer's Association.

    A Cluster is a grouping of Explorer Posts by program interests. Such as: Arts, Aviation, Business, Career Education, Communications, Fire Emergency, Health Careers, Law Government, Law Enforcement, Science & Engineering...

    Contact Ken Neal [436-7200] if you would like more information on these positions.

  • Explorer Officer's Association

    Youth Leadership

    The youth elected officers of each unit are considered voting members of the Explorer Officers Association. The Youth President is an active member of the Adult Exploring Committee and is the voice of the youth members. In August of 1999 the Explorer Officers Association [EOA] will be holding elections for the youth positions of: President, 1st. Vice President of Membership, 2nd. Vice President of Program, Secretary - Treasurer. If you are interested in running for office contact Robin White!

    Thank you Nationwide Insurance

    The Simon Kenton Council

    Nationwide Enterprises Logo!


    We would like to thank Nationwide Insurance for their financial support of the Simon Kenton Council Exploring District and this Awards Banquet!

    Canoe and Camping Outing

    Friday Evening June 18, 1999 - Sunday afternoon June 20, 1999 Mohican Wilderness in Glenmont, Ohio. Cost is $35.00 if paid by May 30th and $40.00 if paid by June 11th. Canoeing, Horseback Riding, Hiking and more! Includes all activities and meals (Snack Fri., 3 meals Saturday, and 2 meals Sunday.)

    You provide your own transportation to the camp ground, tent/sleeping bag, and mess kit (plate, silverware, and cup.)

    Exploring Training

    Simon Kenton Council

    In August the Simon Kenton Council Exploring District will be offering three training sessions:

  • Basic Adult Leadership Training
  • Youth Protection
  • The Successful Program

    Call the Ken Neal for more information (614) 436-7200.

  • Explorer Officer's Association

    The Scouter

    The Explorer Officers' Association (EOA) is a council organization composed of all Post Officers. Its objective is to provide communications to all units and to plan council wide Exploring events.

    The youth members of the Explorer Officers' Association represent their Post in the planning of council wide program and events.

    The EOA is a vital part of the Simon Kenton Council. The EOA empowers the Exploring Committee by helping them understand the needs and requirements of today's youth.

    UNIX System Administration

    Venturing Crew 369's First Nighter

    Venturing Crew 369 has 10 openings in their 1999/2000 UNIX System Administration Youth Mentor Program.

    Interested youth should attend, 369's First Nigher, with their parents, on Tuesday May 11th 7:30p.m. Send an E-Mail to: for directions and more details, see our web page!

    Advisor Fall Kickoff

    August 3, 1999, 7:00p.m. Main Library Downtown. Preparing for another Successful Year in Exploring, you will receive all new materials, training, and prepare for firstnighters. More information coming soon.

    Explorer Motto

    "Our Best Today for a Better Tomorrow."

    Explorer Fall Kickoff

    August 27, 1999 5:00p.m. - August 28, 1999, noon Camp Lazarus. To get all our Explorers in gear for another year, we are having an overnight with tons of fun activities. This is a great opportunity to hang out with friends and meet new ones. More information coming.

    Exploring Roundtable

    The Explorer Officers' Association

    Adults and Youth Explorers are invited to participate in our monthly "roundtable" meetings at the Main Library Auditorium 7:00p.m. the first Tuesday of every month.

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