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August 1998 NEC C&C Research Laboratories donated an Auspex 5000 server to Venturing Crew 369.
Auspex Logo Gif!
Auspex Logo

    Auspex NS 5000, Network Server
    Donated by: NEC C&C
    Research Laboratories

  • Dest Kit/CD-Rom, NS5000
  • Ethernet Processor
  • Write Accelerator
  • SPARC NS5000 Host Processor/SW
  • 20MHZ SPARC HP 16MB Mem Exp
  • 1GB Root Drive
  • (14) Disk Drive Assy, 1.35GB
  • Tape Drive Assy, 5GB, 8MM
  • ACSII Terminal
  • Disk Rack Assy
  • NS 5000 Base Configuration
  • (9) Auspex Netserver Sys S/W LCNSE

We need 3 Disk Caddies for the Auspex 5000.
If you have them and would like to donate them
that would be GREAT!
Our Auspex 5000 & Sun690 the back of an Auspex 5000
The Disk Rack of our Auspex 5000 The cooling fans of our Auspex 5000

Sun Microsystems Logo
the back of our Sun690 Our Auspex 5000, Sun690, & Me Our Sun Netra

Sun 690, Donated by:
NEC C&C Research Laboratories

  • 600MP motherboard
    • 128MB of RAM
    • SCSI-II
    • (4) Ross 6000k CPUs
    • AUI Ethernet (10Mb/s)
    • (2) DB25-RS232
  • Prestoserver Card
  • SCSI Card
  • IPI-Controller Card
  • (2) AUI Netowrk Cards
  • (2) 600MB IPI Drives
  • CD-ROM
  • 1/4" 150MB Tape Drive

    Netra t1100

    Donated By: Dan Templeton 10/2000
  • Desk Tops

    We have:
  • 1-Netra t1100,
  • 1-690,
  • 2-Sparc 2,
  • 1-IPXs
  • 5-IPCs
  • 0-ELCs
  • 4-Sparc 1+,

    Donations By:

  • Anonymous 2/2000
  • Dan Templeton 1/2000
  • Richard Schmidt & Richard H. Wooten
    of AT&T Alanta GA 1999
  • We are in the need of 40 Sun SPARC Stations with monitors. We would like to teach Perl 5, HTML, and run Netscape. Moreover, we need 2 web servers. We would like to give our members User Accouts. Our current server will not allow for indavidual accounts:-(

    If you can donate some equipment or know of some place to get it, please help.

    Mail Our Reflector

    HP 712-60 work station jpg image

    6 HP 712
    2 HP 750.

    Donated By: Dan Templeton 1/2000, 10/2000

    HP 11.0 OS

    Donated By: Jim Power 2/2000
    IBM 320 work station jpg image

    1 IBM 320

    Donated By: Jim Power 2/2000

    AT&T Logo
    The first machine that Crew 369 ever had (and we still use it all the time!) is an AT&T 3B2/400, which was kindly donated by Roadway. This machine is equipped to handle about 30 dumb terminals, making it a nice terminal server. Other kind netizens have donated us an ethernet card for this machine, and the drivers and Wollongong TCP/IP software necessary to make it interact with our other machines. This machine is named Harvey. Harvey served last year at the Simon Kenton Council Scout Show as the host machine for our 9 display version of a simple game. It was a hit.
    AT&T 3B2/1000 Image
  • 0 - 7300
  • 0 - 3B1
    [We would like one of these to complete our collection]
  • 2 - 3B2/300
  • 1 - 3B2/310
  • 1 - 3B2/400
  • 2 - 3B2/500
  • 2 - 3B2/600
  • 1 - 3B2/1000-70
  • 1 - 3B2/1000-80
  • AT&T 3B2/1000-70 Image

    On January 20, 1998 Venturing Crew 369 received an AT&T 3B2/300 as a gift in kind.

    NeXT Station Image
    NeXT Logo
    Crew 369 Owns 8 NeXTstations and a NeXTCube. We also have a NeXTLaser printer, which we plan to put into use on The Adventure in the near future.
    The NeXTcube is in service as our main NFS server, (until we get enought power to run the Auspex) These NeXT machines are gifts from an anonymous donor.
    NeXT Station Image


    We have also been given many other machines and pieces of equipment. There is also an NCR Tower equipped with 8 megs of RAM, and an assorted number of VT100 and Wyse terminals. These machines are from many sources, most of whom wish to remain anonymous.

    Crew 369 would like to thank all of those kind souls who have given us equipment: our program would not be where it is today without your support! Thanks!

    We are, of course, always accepting donations of equipment or money (GRIN) if anybody has anything that they would like to contribute. Plug Plug...

    Last Updated May 21, 2000.

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