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Venturing Crew 369's Bylaws

    Table of Contents

    (C) 1998 - 2003 Ventring Crew 369

    Our Code(1)

    As an Venturer-

    I believe that American's Strength lies in her trust in God and in the courage and strength of her people.

    I will, therefore, be faithful in my religious duties and will maintain a personal sense of honor in my own life.

    I will treasure my American heritage and will do all I can to preserve and enrich it.

    I will recognize the dignity and worth of my fellow man and will use fair play and goodwill in dealing with them. I will acquire the Ventruing Attitude that seeks the truth in all things and adventure on the frontiers of our changing world, understanding of America's social, economic, and government systems.

    Our Purpose

    To help guide Youth toward career, lifetime, and leadership goals.

    Our Mission

    To serve others by helping to instill values of good character, participation citizenship and personal fitness in young people, and in other ways prepare them to make ethical choices in their lifetimes for achieving their full potential.

    Our Objectives

    We seek to implement a program of activities that develops the whole person, and that entails providing activities and experiences beyond our regular meetings.

    We seek to provide an opportunity for each of our members to expand and enhance their leadership qualities, and experience what it means to develop themselves and see growth in others.

    Direct and Indirect Benefits of Participation

    Networking with business and education. Training future employees. Keeping students in school. Promoting higher education. Improving the awareness and image of career opportunities while supporting the community.

    The Venturing Oath

    As a Venturer, I promise to help strengthen America, to be faithful in my religious duties, to help others, and to seek truth, fairness, and adventure in our world!

    Mail Reflector & Net News

    Mailing to the reflector grants Crew 369 the uncompensated and unrestricted usage of your mail/posting in its [but not limited to] Web Page, Newsletters, books, flyers, etc.!!!


    Venturing Crew 369 maintains it own news letters and web pages. Therefore, it is to be expected that both youth and adult members likeness, photos, images, documents, articles, e-mails, etc. will be placed on many web pages and/or in its newsletters, flyers, advertisement, correspondence, etc. If an adult and/or youth does not want their likeness, etc. used by 369 and/or the FCLA then they should quit the program. A parent/guardian, by allowing their child to participate in the program allows their youth's likeness, etc. to be utilized in any fashion 369 and/or the FCLA wishes without compensation.

    Crew Advancement:

    Eagle Scout (We encourage Scouts to earn their Eagle within their Troop, even while being active with our Crew!)
    Bronze Award
    Gold Award
    Silver Award
    Leadership Award
    Ranger Award

    Crew Positions:

    Adult Positions

    Institutional Representative

    Is appointed by the Church Committee. Is the liaison between the Ventuirng Crew and the Church.

    Committee Chairman

    Voted on by the Crew Committee and approved by both the Institutional Representative and the Church Committee.

    Committee Members

    Appointed by the Advisor and approved by the Crew Committee.


    Is appointed by the Crew Committee Chairman and approved by the Venturing Crew Committee.

    Is allowed to wear Gold Scout Collar Pins. The Gold Scout Collar Pin signifies that s/he has "root" on all systems. The Advisor with a Gold Scout Collar Pin is retains the final say so on all systems.

    Associate Advisors

    Is appointed by the Advisor and approved by the Crew Committee.

    Is allowed to wear Gold Scout Collar Pins. The Gold Scout Collar Pin signifies that s/he has "root" on all systems.


    Is appointed by the Advisor. The Consultant comes for a limited number of meetings to teach a specific class, and/or subject.

    Honorary Members

    Is appointed by the Advisor. Is an International Scout, from another country that lends a continual hand to the development and growth of Venturing Crew 369.

    Youth Positions


    Voted into office by quorum majority vote of the registered youth member of Corder Crew, and approved by the Advisor. Can be appointed by the Advisor.

    Serve as youth leader of the Crew.

    Implements the Crew program through officers and members.

    Works closely with Advisors and other adult leaders in a spirit of partnership.

    Represents the Crew at meetings of the Venturing Officers' Association [VOA] and program planning conferences and is available to report to the chartered organization and Crew Committee.

    Assists the Crew Advisor in conducting the Crew Officers' Seminar.

    Appoints youth chairpersons of special projects and appoints special Crew Officers.

    Presents the annual report to the chartered organization and/or Crew Committee at the conclusion of his/her term of office.

    Assesses on an ongoing basis whether the reproducibilities of the officers are being considered and carried out effectively.

    Approaches Venturing and encourages others to approach Venturing in a spirit of fun and enjoyment.

    Administrative Vice-President

    Is voted into office by quorum majority vote of the registered youth member of The Corder Crew, and approved by the Advisor. Can be appointed by the Advisor.

    Serves as administrative officer of the Crew.

    Assumes the responsibilities of the Crew President in his or her absence.

    Leads the recruiting and admission of new members during the year.

    Organizes and recognizes the achievements of Crew members.

    Conducts opening and closing ceremonies for special occasions as scheduled.

    Attends all Crew Activities.

    Attends the Officer Association Meetings.

    Approaches Venturing activities in a spirit of Fun and seeks to reflect this spirit in the recruiting of new members and through recognizing the achievements of Crew members.

    Is a team leader of one of the Crew Patrols.

    Program Vice-President

    Is voted into office by quorum majority vote of the registered youth member of The Corder Crew, and approved by the Advisor. Can be appointed by the Advisor.

    Serves as the program officer of the Crew and, in that position, arranges the program planning process for the Crew.

    Collects and maintains a Crew activity file consisting of the Program Capability Inventory, a listing of Post member interests and suggestions for activities, program resources, and an annual activity schedule.

    Determines the interest of the Crew members on an ongoing basis (Crew Interest Surveys.)

    Provides support for the President and committee for each activity.

    Approaches and encourages others to approach Venturing activities in a spirit of fun and enjoyment.

    Is a team leader of one of the Crew Patrols.


    Is voted into office by quorum majority vote of the registered youth member of The Corder Crew, and approved by the Committee. Can be appointed by the Advisor.


    Serves as the communications officer and, in that position, manages all the communicans and publicity for the Crew.

    Maintains Crew membership records and attendance records.

    Handles Crew correspondence and minutes.

    Coordinates Crew publicity through local media, Post newsletters, and the Crew's telephone network.

    Approaches Venturing in a spirit of fun and seeks to reflect this spirit in the publicity and communications of the Crew.


    Serves as the financial officer and, in that position, maintains financial records and monitors the Crew budget if necessary.

    Collects and disburses Crew funds

    Communicates with the Officers and members on a regular basis to keep them informed about their finances

    Approaches Venturing in a spirit of fun and spreads this spirit in the carrying out of his/her responsibilities.


    Serves as the media officer and, in that position, maintains electronic records and monitors the Crew's website. Is responsible for the electronic version of the Crew's Newsletter The Adventure.


    Is voted into office by quorum majority vote of the registered youth member of The Corder Crew, and approved by the Advisor. Can be appointed by the Advisor.

    The Historian serves as the historical officer, maintaining any important archival information, pictures, news articles, awards, or special objects.

    The Historians shall keep a record of extra-curricular Crew activities, and where possible, collect pictorial information on them.

    The Historian also shall maintain in the Crew archives any pertinent news clips or media exserts in relation to the Crew.

    At the same time, the Historian shall also coordinate any exhibits or displays the Crew chooses to create for its archives

    The Historian shall attend all Crew Activities.


    Is voted into office by quorum majority vote of the registered youth member of The Corder Crew, and subject to being approved by the Advisor. Can be appointed by the Advisor.


    Is voted into office by quorum majority vote of the registered youth member of The Corder Crew, and approved by the Advisor. Can be appointed by the Advisor.

    Toadie Program

    After 16 years the Toadie Program was canceled in 2001 due to changes in Ohio Laws. It is now to costly to continue this program:-(

    Our Principles

    1. Honor before all else.
    2. The difference between a winner and a loser is that the winner tried one more time.
    3. KISMIF (Keep It Simple Make It Fun!)

    Our Creed:

    Exploring: Enthusiasm, Energy, & Excellence.

    Our's Experience Areas:

    Crew members benefit most from a well-rounded program based on the six experience areas. These six experience areas and the specific outcomes desired for Crew Members are:


    Develop a better understanding of America's social, economic, and government systems. Gaining some insight and practical experience in careers

    • Inquire into various aspects of data processing: design, engineering, production, UNIX System Administration, production, implementation, sales, service.
    • Learn UNIX Systems Administration [SA], how the SA supports the applications programmer and the systems programmer; and how they support each other in understanding what is needed, knowing the capabilities of the UNIX computers, and getting expected results.
    • Track the advancement route of the data processing field: computer programmer, to systems analyst, to field or lead systems analyst, to system administrator to lead system administrator, to senior system administrator. Know the training, experience, and special education needed to advance.


    Instilling stable personal values firmly based on religious concepts. Developing skill in dealing with all people and encouraging a sense of family and community responsibility.

    Investigate the rolls of computers in analysis of and finding solutions for social problems:

    • Education - helping to teach children
    • Science - medical research, monitoring hospital patients, space explorations.
    • Urbanization - traffic control, pollution control, community planning

    Plan joint meetings with posts whose specialty involves the use of computers, such as accounting, automotive, electronics, engineering, teaching, manufacturing, telephone communications, and medical.


    Encouraging a sense of pride to our American Heritage. Preparing to give leadership and fulfill our responsibility to American Society and to the people of the world.


    Developing a degree of self reliance based on courage, initiative, and resourcefulness. Understanding and appreciating the wise use of resources and the protection of our environment.


    Encouraging the skill and desire to help others. Gaining a keen respect for the basic rights of others.

    • Volunteer to help with the data processing needs of charitable agencies, including Boy Scouts of America.


    Improving mental and emotional fitness. Enhancing physical fitness and an appreciation for sports.

    • Investigate the potential for the possible misuse of computerized data such as invasion of privacy through sharing of personal data and satellite spying.
    • Take an aptitude test given by employers of programmers.

    Learn about the special needs of the working environment in which computers are installed and which are of benefit to workers. Examples include a dust-free environment, constant temperature, special design, lighting, wall colors, and the prevention of carpel tunnel syndrome.


    Crew Meeting

    Venturing Crew 369 will meet weekly on Tuesday evenings 7:30pm to 9:30pm excluding observed holidays, and at the discretion of the Advisor or the Crew Committee. Rough Agenda but subject to change on a weekly basis:

    Members must attend all three sections.


    Membership shall be open to all young adults who are in Senior High School and at least 14 years of age and not yet 20. No prospective member shall be disqualified because of race, color, creed, or sex. All members must be registered as Venturers and agree to the Crew Bylaws.


    The elected officers shall be president, two vice president, secretary/treasurer, historian, chaplain, and quartermaster. The president, with the approval of the Advisor shall appoint activity chairmen and make other assignments as needed.

    The normal term of the office shall be for one year starting on November 1. Election nominations shall be held the first Tuesday of October. Election speeches shall be held the second Tuesday in October. Elections shall be the third Tuesday in October. Anyone can nominate anyone, including themselves, for any elected youth position, as long as they do not turn 21 during their term of office.

    • The Advisor has the right to change the date.
    • No nominations will be accepted after the beginning of the second Tuesday in October, or the week prior to the date the Advisor sets.
    • The elections shall be by secret ballots.
    • The candidate must win by at least a 51% margin of a quorum.
    • On extreme cases the Advisor has the right to appoint officers.

    Crew Business

    Crew business will be conducted under the principles outlined in "Robert's Rules of Order." Voting on all issues will be by simple majority, with the expectation of changes or amendments to the bylaws.

    Bylaw Changes

    Changes to the Bylaws will require a two-thirds vote of the total membership and said changes must be approved by the Advisor. A quorum shall consist of one more than the majority of members for votes on routine business. Changes by the Adult Committee The Bylaws may also be changed by a simple majority vote by the Crew Committee.

    Offer's Meetings

    Officer's Meetings will be held at least once a month, prior to and at a different time and place than the regularly scheduled Crew Meetings.


    The Crew will publish a monthly newsletter, which shall include all meeting dates and other information of interest to the membership. The newsletter will also report on, and evaluate, activities during the past month. The newsletter will serve as a historical record of the post.

    Members are required to write monthly articles for The Adventure.

    The name of the newsletter is The Adventure.


    Dues will be $25.00 a year. Payable on the last meeting in September. Members delinquent in dues by the end of September shall be dropped from the Crew Roster. Dues do not include uniforms, books, or other expenses.


    Venturing Crew 369 wears the Venturing Dark Green Shirt, Venturing Epplets, Council Strip, Unit Number [3.6.9.] Members may wear Scouting Square Knots and/or rank insignia. Crew members will wear either Tan Pants or tan Skirt for the ladies. Ladies may also wear Tan Pants if they like.

    Money-Earning Projects

    All Money-Earning Projects must be approved by a majority vote of the Crew Members. Members who do not participate in the project are not entitled to any benefits of the funds earned. All money-earning projects must be approved by the Advisor and meet BSA requirements.

    Dress Code

    It is important during travel, especially on military bases or at Scout camps, that the Crew be in some sort of uniform. A common attire lends credibility, makes the participants feel as though they are a part of a team, makes it easier to keep track of people when traveling in large groups, is required at some places to take advantage of offers only available to organized groups, and is your passport to shared Scouting goodwill.

      1. Class A uniform
      The dark green Venturing Shirt, Tan Pants, Scout Socks, dress shoes and campaign hat.
      The Class A uniform is worn to all Crew meetings and any general Scouting/Venturing activities.
      2. Class B uniform
      Any Scouting Shirt [including T-Shirts], Tan Pants, Scout Socks, dress shoes or hiking boots, and Scouting ball cap.

      The Class B uniform is worn to all Crew meetings and any general Scouting/Venturing activities when the temperature is over 90F and 80%+ humidity.
      3. Dress uniform
      The Dress uniform shall consist of: Blue Blazer, Red Tie for males Red Bow Tie or scarf for females, White Shirt, Gray pants for males or Gray skirt for females, and dress shoes. It is appropriate to wear the Venturing V on the breast pocket.

    When to wear Uniforms

    Class A should be worn at any meeting or event.
    • Officer Meeting - No dress code
    • BSA Court of Honor, Class A
    • Venturing Award Dinners - Dress or Class A
    • Council Activities - Class A or Dress
    • General Meetings - Class A
    • Scout Show - Class A

    Behavior (Adult & Youth)

    The Crew members will act in accordance with The Venturing Code and guide lines set by the Crew Committee.

      All Crew members will follow the Crew Bylaws.

      All Crew members will be in uniform at all official Crew activities.

      There shall be no physical display of affection at any Crew activity.

      There shall be no alcohol at any Crew activity.

      There shall be no tobacco, including smokeless, at any Crew activity.

      There shall be no illegal drugs(2), including marijuana, at any Crew activity.

    The possession of Alcohol, tobacco (of any kind) or illegal drugs is grounds for expulsion from the program.

    2 or 4 Deep Leadership

    No adult is to be alone with a youth member of the Crew. Youth over the age of 18 shall not be alone with youth under the age of 18. It is best to always have 3 or more people in the room with the doors open.

    In any activity where either the participants are expected to change clothes, such as swimming, or spend the night there shall be at least two adults (21 or over). If only one gender is in attendance then only two adults, of that gender, are needed. If both genders are present then at least 3 adults and at least one of each gender are required. At least one adult must be a registered member of Crew. Mothers and Fathers will do as chaperones.


    Old Exploring Code, adopted by Venturing Crew September 1998
    Members taking either over the counter or prescription medication must inform the Advisor so s/he is aware of its presence at Crew Activities. The Advisor has the right to request a doctor's note before allowing the youth to bring the medication with them.

Last updated September 1, 2002

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