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Venturing Crew 369's "The Adventure"
HTML Title PostScript PDF
January Congratulations Explorer Post 369! PS-297Kb PDF-1Mb
February Explorer Post 369 is on the Go! PS-614Kb PDF-1Mb
Special Toadie Campout PS-281Kb PDF-345Kb
March So you want to run UNIX! PS-633Kb PDF-1Mb
April What do I charge for my services? PS-495Kb PDF-776Kb
May Electronic Version Lost:-( None None
June The Death of Exploring:-( PS-164Kb PDF-115Kb
July Summer Camp! PS-376Kb PDF-531Kb
August-1 We are now a Venture Crew! PS-123Kb PDF-91Kb
August-2 1st Venturer Officer's Association Meeting PS-123Kb PDF-422Kb
September-1 A letter to the teacher! PS-4.1Mb PDF-1.5Mb
September-2 We have an Auspex! PS-344Kb PDF-422Kb
October 1st OS Certified Y2K Compliant PS-576Kb PDF-635Kb
November Star Office PS-1.6Mb PDF-2.8Mb
December Yount Entrepreneurs PS-1.0Mb PDF-1.2Mb
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