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BSA Historical Highlights - 1960's

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During Scouting's Golden Jubilee Year, thousands of boys earned the 50th Anniversary Achievement Award. Some 56,378 Scouts and leaders attended the Fifth National Jamboree at Colorado Springs, Colo., July 22-28. Scouts took part in a nationwide Get-Out-the-Vote campaign. The U.S. Post Office Department issued a Boy Scout commemorative stamp in February. A representative from each state took part in the Report to the Nation during Boy Scout Week.The 50th annual meeting was held in Washington, D.C., June 1-3. The Johnston Historical Museum was dedicated at New Brunswick, N.J., on June 4. On August 1, Joseph A. Brunton Jr. became Chief Scout Executive. Membership, December 31, was 5,160,958. Total members to date, 33,076,901.
In February, 12 Explorers presented the Report to the Nation to President John F. Kennedy. Indiana University, Bloomington, was again the scene of the Order of the Arrow's national conference with 2,000 members present. The 51st annual meeting was held in Detroit in June with 2,400 Scouters attending. Delegations of Scouts and leaders attended several foreign jamborees and the 18th International Scout Conference in Portugal. Twelve regional Explorer delegate conferences, in which 12,000 Explorers participated, made plans for the First National Explorer Delegate Conference to be held in 1962. Membership, December 31, was 5,210,294. Total members to date, 34,524,815.
The Fit for Tomorrow program was launched. The 52nd annual meeting was held at Portland, Ore., May 17-18, with some 2,200 Scouters attending. Charter Day observances in Washington, D.C., on June 14, commemorated Scouting's original charter from Congress in June 1916. More than 3,000 Explorers attended the First National Explorer Delegate Conference at Ann Arbor, Mich., August 26-30. A "GO" roundup was developed around space exploration in cooperation with America's astronauts. Membership, December 31, was 5,322,167. Total members to date, 36,058,864.
Scouts and Explorers presented the Report to the Nation to President Kennedy during Boy Scout Week. The 1963-65 Program of Emphasis—Scouting Can Make the Difference—was launched. More than 2,500 delegates attended the 53rd annual meeting in New York, May 23-24. Philmont Scout Ranch received an anonymous gift of 10,098 acres. The 11th National Training Conference for Scout Executives was held at the University of Illinois, August 29-September 4, with nearly 5,000 attending. Each region held an Explorer delegate conference. The biennial National Order of the Arrow Conference took place August 23-25 at the University of Illinois. Some 621 Scouts and Scouters attended the 11th World Jamboree held at Marathon, Greece, August 1-11. Membership, December 31, was 5,446,910. Total members to date, 37,500,314.
Waite Phillips, donor of Philmont Scout Ranch and the Philtower Building, died in January. The New York World's Fair Service Corps of 2,772 boys and adults operated for 18 weeks. The 54th annual meeting was held at Cleveland, May 21-22. Thomas J. Watson Jr. was elected president by the 2,500 representatives attending. The Strengthen America's Heritage program was launched in cooperation with Freedom's Foundation at Valley Forge. The Sixth National Jamboree was held at Valley Forge, July 17-23, with 52,000 Scouts and leaders participating. The Second National Explorer Delegate Conference at the University of Kansas, August 16-20, attracted 1,200 Explorers and Advisors. The commemorative tribute statue was unveiled in Washington, D.C., on November 7. The Program of Emphasis was continued. Membership, December 31, was 5,583,700. Total members to date, 39,120,922.
The Report to the Nation was presented to President Johnson during Boy Scout Week by 12 Boy Scouts and Explorers. The 55th annual meeting was held at Bal Harbour, Fla., May 20-21, with 2,300 attending. "The Program of Emphasis Breakthrough for Youth" for 1965-67 was launched. Each region held an Explorer delegate conference. Some 3,727 boys and leaders served at the New York World's Fair, while 4,237 attended the Golden Anniversary National Conference of the Order of the Arrow at Indiana University, August 27-31. Thomas J. Watson Jr. was elected to the World Committee at the 20th World Conference meeting in Mexico City, September 27-October 3. The Inner-City Rural Program was launched. Mrs. Ernest Thompson Seton presented memorabilia of her husband. An addition was begun of the Johnston Historical Museum. The 500,000th Eagle Scout badge was presented and the 40 millionth member was registered. Membership, December 31, was 5,732,708. Total members to date, 40,746,314.
Boy Scouts and Explorers, representing 12 regions, presented the Report to the Nation to President Johnson. "The Program of Emphasis Breakthrough for Youth" continued. The 56th annual meeting at Dallas, May 19-20, attracted 3,163 Scouters and their wives. The revised Charter and Bylaws of the Boy Scouts of America was adopted. Some 2,149 Explorers and Advisors attended the Third National Explorer Delegate Conference at Indiana University, August 14-18. More than 17,000 boys and leaders visited the renamed Philmont Scout Ranch and Explorer Base, and 13,828 Scouts and leaders visited other countries. The dedication of the new wing of the Johnston Historical Museum in New Brunswick took place in June. In October, ground was broken for an Ernest Thompson Seton Memorial Library and Museum at Philmont. Membership, December 31, was 5,831,521. Total members to date, 42,375,467.
The Boy Scouts of America hosted the 12th World Jamboree. The 21st Boy Scouts World Conference was held in Seattle. The Report to the Nation was made to President Johnson, and Report to the State ceremonies were conducted in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. Pittsburgh hosted the 57th annual meeting. Thomas J. Watson Jr. was elected to a fourth term as president. The Ernest Thompson Seton Memorial Library and Museum at Philmont and the Ellsworth H. Augustus International Scout House at the national office were dedicated. The National Order of the Arrow Conference drew 4,158 members to the University of Nebraska. Alden G. Barber became the fifth Chief Scout Executive. The updated Cub Scout program was launched in September, establishing a special Webelos Scout program. Nearly 26,000 needy and non-Scouts attended Scout camps. Regional Explorer delegate conferences were held in all 12 regions. Membership, December 31, was 6,058,508. Total members to date, 44,139,905.
The National Council at its 58th annual meeting in Chicago elected Irving Feist president and adopted the BOYPOWER '76 8-year long-range program. The National Executive Institute began at Schiff Scout Reservation and Philmont Scout Ranch and Explorer Base. The National Council raised national membership adult fees to $2 and boy fees to $1. A total of 1,449,266 Webelos activity badges were earned during the year. Scouts and Explorers earned 28,311 Eagle Scout Awards and 1,743,567 merit badges. Exploring deputies were named in each region. Membership, December 31, was 6,247,160. Total members to date, 45,997,048.
Irving Feist was re-elected president at the 59th annual meeting in Boston. Exploring initiated a Grand National Safe-Driving Road Rally. Young women were accepted as participants in special-interest posts. The Seventh National Jamboree was held at Farragut State Park, Idaho. More than 35,000 Scouts and leaders attended. Membership, December 31, was 6,183,086. Total members to date, 47,795,216.

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